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Services & garanties

We provide you with safety and peace of mind. Enjoy a 2-year warranty on the chassis and living area, and a 5-year watertightness warranty. 

Watertightness warranty

Your vehicle is fully covered from the time of delivery for any damage caused by any abnormal deterioration of the living area’s watertightness. Your dealer will advise you on the need for repairs or replacement parts.

After sales service

Keep your manufacturer’s warranty certificate safe. When required, you must be able to provide it to your dealer, who handles your warranty for 24 months from the date of delivery. Your dealer will send a copy to Pilote Group, with all of your details (chassis number, delivery date, etc.). Remember that the warranty is only for the living area section, as the chassis’ warranty is provided by the automotive manufacturer and the household appliances have their own manufacturer’s warranties. However, if you experience any issues, your dealer acts as your intermediary.