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Motorhome 70Q

The 70Q strikes a good balance, combining the comfort of a great lounge with a bedroom featuring an island bed, and all in a vehicle under 7 metres long. This vehicle offers wonderful living spaces thanks to its modern, bright interior. It also features impressive storage space.

  • 6.99 m metres long by 2.30 metres wide
  • 4 registered (driving) seats and 4 berths (+2 as an option)
  • 800 kg payload
  • Storage area hatch size: 88 cm x 88 cm
From £ 61 100
Camping-car joa Camp avec lit central et 7 mètres de long
vue extérieure de camping-car Joa Camp une marque du Groupe Pilote
profilé camping car joa camp
implantation camping car joa camp 70Q avec lit central

regarder un film allongé sur le lit d'un camping car joa camp

A wonderfully cosy nest

Ready to take you on any holiday, the 70Q features high quality Truma heating and a proven insulation system. The walls and floor are made from a market-leading insulating extruded polystyrene, creating a 45 mm-thick floor. This vehicle features frost-free water and gas systems, an insulated storage area and double-glazed windows to prevent any heat loss.

rangement camping-car joa camp

Designed to last

The 70Q: robust and durable. The bodywork’s strength is achieved through a 50 mm-thick floor, rigid fibroplast (glass fibre reinforced polyurethane) cleat walls, and aluminium profiles solidly connecting the sides and roof. The roof is made from weather-resistant polyester. Aluminium skirts protect the rocker panels and the polyester underbody cladding on the chassis keeps ground moisture out of the vehicle. Lastly, the storage area sits on a reinforced chassis extension that ensures optimal loading and correct balancing of the entire vehicle.

jouer entre amis dans un camping car joa camp

Designed for enjoying time together

The 70Q’s layout is designed for 2 or 4 people to enjoy great times together. That’s why we focused on the lounge, with wonderfully comfortable bench seats and a large slide-out table. Enjoy three different sleeping spaces: the rear bedroom, drop-down bed above the lounge and extra bed on the bench seats. In the practical kitchen you will find everything you need to cook for four. The clever bathroom minimises clutter and delivers a generous space in both shower and toilet mode.

lit de pavillon électrique camping car joa camp

Sun-filled holidays

Discover a light-filled space thanks to the large windows, skylights and Skydome (option). Enjoy the modern Scandinavian-inspired interior design and welcoming feel. Life is just as wonderful by night, with LED lighting in all of your vehicle’s living spaces.

The best is to
come and see it

camping car joa camp profilé sur chassis citroen

Technical information

  • Width / Height 230cm / 285cm
  • Heating type 4,000 W Truma® Combi 4 hot water/heating (gas/230 V)
  • Fridge Automatic management and grid caches: 133 L
  • Fuel tank 90 L
  • Bed size 73x190 / 73x200
  • Storage area size 88cm x 88cm (access door)
  • Payload 800 kg
  • Clean water capacity 130 L
  • Wastewater capacity 95 L
  • Size of living room 193 cm (Height in living room with roof bed)