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Van 60G

The 60G is the most popular van model. With its large garage bed, comfortable and functional bathroom and a comfortable living room for 4 people. This vehicle of less than 6 meters is an excellent compromise when you are looking for living comfort and driving manoeuvrability.

  • 5.99 metres long by 2.05 metres wide
  • 4 registered (driving) seats and 2 berths
  • 640kg payload
  • Storage area size 190cm
From £ 56 100
fourgon aménagé Joa Camp 60G. 6 mètres de long avec lit garage
fourgon aménagé citroen joa camp
fourgon aménagé citroen joa camp

chambre confortable du fourgon aménagé joa camp

A wonderfully cosy nest

Designed on the basis of the most popular layout, the 60G is equipped with a quality Truma 4 heater and very good insulation made of aluminised polyester fibre. The clean water tank inside the van benefits from this insulation when temperatures are low. You can rest assured that you will be able to travel all year round, as this van is Class 3 certified, obtained after a cold room test.

sellerie simili option des fourgons aménagés et camping car joa camp

Real driving comfort

All over Europe, you can find the most popular van. It guarantees you a good holiday but also a real pleasure to drive. You are guaranteed the latest safety equipment with the latest generation Citroen chassis: driver and passenger airbags, cruise control and speed limiter, ABS - anti-lock braking system, electric defrosting mirrors with 2 wide angle mirrors and blind spot, ESP, central locking and electric front windows. Have a nice drive!

grand salon et rangement fourgon aménagé joa camp

Comfort and insulation

In summer, autumn, winter or spring, stay comfortable thanks to the impressive acoustic and thermal insulation: double-glazed windows, 45 mm floor with market-leading XPS insulation, and Truma heating. Rounding out these high quality fittings, we have installed aluminised polyester fibre in all bodywork, wheel housings and doors.

recharger son téléphone portable en fourgon aménagé joa camp

Solid, durable bodywork

Made with quality materials: plywood furniture for greater durability. Everything used to create and fit out our Joa campervans has been carefully selected to deliver the best value for money. The bathroom has a leak-proof design and removes the need for a shower curtain. Enjoy quality and comfort! A watertightness test is performed on each Joa as it exits the production line. This is a powerful test that checks the entire vehicle’s watertightness. When you choose a campervan, you get a robust steel chassis and numerous vertical and horizontal bodywork braces. That makes it harder to dent your bodywork.

The best is to
come and see it

fourgon aménagé joa camp sur la route

Technical information

  • Width / Height 205cm / 260cm
  • Heating type 4,000 W Truma® Combi 4 hot water/heating (gas/230 V)
  • Fridge 90 L
  • Fuel tank 90 L
  • Bed size 133x180 cm
  • Payload 640 kg
  • Clean water capacity 110 L
  • Wastewater capacity 80 L